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We prioritise the health and safety of our customers and drivers.
Therefore, we ask you to read and follow our COVID-19 guidelines.

  • Please isolate yourself if you have been in contact with a confirmed coronavirus case.

  • Please do not travel if you are experiencing flu-like symptoms that match coronavirus description.

  • If you need to travel to your location for isolation, please wear a mask and avoid contact with the driver.

  • Do not book a car for more than 3 passengers on a five-seated car and always seat at the back.

  • Travel with up to 4 passengers on the Book Rides People Movers and always seat at the back.

  • Passengers should handle their own luggage including placing it in the boot where possible.

  • Please understand that the driver has the right to cancel the trip if he/she feels unsafe.

  • Drivers are instructed to keep the vehicle clean at all times and behave appropriately.

  • Drivers should employ standard cleaning practices at the start and end of each shift, by wiping down surfaces with disinfectant

  • Use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser where possible between hand washes and after opening and closing doors, exchanging payment and after personal contact.

  • Passengers and Drivers are encouraged to download and use the COVID Safe App.

Covid-Safe Plan
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